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Tag: Water Damage

Freedom Of Choice

Colorado Insurance Consumer Freedom of Choice
Colorado On September 13, 2007, Governor Bill Ritter signed HB 07-1104 into law This law prevents insurance companies from controlling – directly or indirectly – which restoration company you utilize to restore your property after...

"Our Mountain Honey" Restoration

Our Mountain Honey” Restoration
Thank you, DRI
I could not be more pleased with the results of the restoration that DRI has done for our vacation home in Breckenridge  It is exactly what I wanted...

Thanks so much!

I can’t thank all the staff at DRI enough This last freeze, we came home from out of town to a house completely deluged with water The crew was efficient and well trained I don’t often see that much caring from a company I will recommend you to everyone...

Plumber one of top 50 careers in 2010

Have you ever wondered if being a plumber was right for you?  This might be the year to find out  US News has ranked plumber as one of 2010’s top 50 careers  They site upward mobility, low stress level,...

Water Out…Dry Faster, Cleaner at Lower Cost

In early September 2006 the Lepore family of Lochbuie, CO came home to find a clean water main had ruptured and flooded their crawlspace  They made one call to Disaster Restoration, Inc and in less than a week their house was again dry and expensive mold growth and massive 

“Thanks and Admiration”

To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing this letter to convey our thanks and admiration to everyone at Disaster Restoration Company Although the fire that occurred in our home was an inconvenience to say the least, we were thoroughly delighted to work with such an outstanding company...

About Us

Restoration Logistics, founded in 1986, quickly became the foremost sole-focus disaster restoration company in the western United States.