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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration & Remediation in Littleton, CO

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After all unwanted water has been removed from your Littleton home or business, our water damage repair and restoration team will come in and start working on all the affected areas of your property including flooring, baseboards and walls. This type of work requires very specific and professional equipment to accomplish and should not be attempted by any inexperienced individuals, instead, reach out to Restoration Logistics. At the end of the day, our water damage repair team’s top priority is safely executing these tasks so that your Littleton property can be returned to pre-loss condition.

Water Damage Restoration in Littleton

The water damage restoration plan that our experts use to address your Littleton property’s situation will be heavily dependent on the degree of water damage that your home or business has incurred. Professional sanitization and deodorization are necessary to fully clean a contaminated area as well as ensure that all bacteria and microorganisms are killed in order to ensure a health environment and eliminate any residual odors. It can take less than 24 hours for hazardous mold to start growing as a result of standing water, so don’t hesitate—call Restoration Logistics of Littleton the moment you notice flooding in your home!

Littleton Flooding Repairs

After the aeration and drying process, the space in your home that has sustained water damage will be addressed by our water damage repair professionals. We understand that your property is precious to you and guarantee that we will repair and restore it to its original state in the most respectful and efficient way possible. Our Littleton professionals begin repairs by removing any organic material from the affected space: carpeting, upholstery, etc. Materials like these must attempt to be dried out; anything that doesn’t dry within 48 hours may be infested by mold spores and must be permanently disposed of by our water damage restoration experts.

Water Damage Remediation

Protecting indoor air quality is one of our top concerns, as any airborne toxins left polluting a space could become very dangerous and hazardous to the health of those within it. Our water damage remediation process goes one step past simply repairing the damage: we work to prevent any further damage or health problems from arising in your home or business. All affected areas of your Littleton property will be deeply sanitized and deodorized by our water damage remediation team in order to kill any lingering odors or mold spores, thereby eliminating the concern for toxic mold infestation in the future.

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