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Basement Flood Restoration

Basement Flooding Restoration & Cleanup in Lakewood, CO

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If your Lakewood home’s basement has suffered flooding due to rising water, burst pipes, sewage leaks, malfunctioning appliances, or overflowing toilets, Restoration Logistics of Lakewood has the experience and resources to facilitate all your basement flood cleanup and water damage restoration needs to get you and your family back to your daily lives as quickly as possible. Trust us to take care of your home’s basement flood repair needs in a reliable, friendly, professional manner.

Basement Flood Cleanup Process Lakewood

  • Extraction – All standing water is pumped or vacuumed from the space so that our Lakewood technicians can assess the damage.
  • Responsible Removal & Disposal – We remove all contaminated items and dispose of them according to local and federal laws.
  • Structural Drying – Our technicians will bring in industrial grade fans to dry any effected carpet, flooring, dry wall or structural elements.
  • Preventative Measures – All contaminated areas will be professionally sanitized to prevent future mold growth.
  • Structural Restoration – Your home will be methodically restored to its original condition by our experienced water damage restoration team.

Restoration Logistics Lakewood Is on Your Side

Why should Restoration Logistics be your first choice for basement flood repair and cleanup in Lakewood? Not only do our water damage restoration technicians get the job done efficiently, but they understand that when you do business with Restoration Logistics, you’re treated like family. We will ensure that you receive only the friendliest and highest quality service at an affordable cost. After our Lakewood basement flood cleanup team has worked their magic, we’ll begin repairs and restoration, aiming to facilitate the process and quickly and responsibly as possible so you and your family can get back your normal lives!

Post-Cleanup Removal and Restoration Professionals

Any damaged materials subjected to standing water that were found during basement flood repairs are considered hazardous and will need to be removed from your property and disposed of. This process requires that we adhere to strict state and federal laws regarding responsible waste disposal. Our Lakewood team’s next priority will be to locate any damage to the structure or foundation of the house and secure them. A dehumidifier and industrial grade fans will be brought into your Lakewood home to dry the flooring and dry wall, which is an extremely important step in preventing the growth of toxic mold in the space.

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Restoration Logistics, founded in 1986, quickly became the foremost sole-focus disaster restoration company in the western United States.