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Basement Flood Restoration

Basement Flooding Restoration & Cleanup in Greenwood Village, CO

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What happens when your Greenwood Village basement is hit by a flood this rainy season or due to a burst pipe? Basement flood damage is not only extremely annoying but it can also be very dangerous. Greenwood Village’s Restoration Logistics specializes in basement flood cleanup, repair and restoration, sewer back-up and restoration, and fire and smoke damage restoration in Greenwood Village and the surrounding area. Don’t be caught off guard by flooding; contact Restoration Logistics’ team of experienced professionals for water damage restoration, basement flood restoration and basement flood repairs.

High Quality Basement Flood Cleanup Services

Before repairs or restorations can be completed in your Greenwood Village home or business, our skilled basement flood cleanup team must roll their sleeves up and get to work on thoroughly cleaning any water, residual debris or toxic materials from the space. Depending on the severity of the damage, this can be quite an extensive process involving HEPA filtered temporary walls to seal the contaminated space, dry fans, and HEPA vacuums to remove any left-over water or debris from the flood. While our crew is working, your family may need to be relocated for safety if we determine there might be structural damage or toxic microorganisms the building.

Basement Flood Repair Professionals Serving Greenwood Village

Many post-flood basement repairs involve securing the home’s foundation and structure, cleaning out the HVAC system of any toxins, water and debris. Repairs typically take place once the space has been cleared of water so the basement flood repair team can see what they’re working with and assess what repairs must be made. We will also determine what area, if any, is a priority. Any safety concerns we have with the building related to flood damage will be the first to be repaired. Our top priority at all times is to maintain a safe construction space and ensure that the structure is sound for both your family and our workers.

Prompt, Professional Water Damage Restoration Work

Water damage in your home or business has never been easier to tackle than it has been with Restoration Logistics here in Greenwood Village. Our technicians specialize in water damage restoration, returning your home to its prior state after the meticulous cleanup process has taken place. Our friendly customer service department is always available, and they are ready to get your project started as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your home and back to your life.

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