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Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup: Biohazard & Sewage Removal in Golden, CO

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When a home or business in Golden falls victim to a nasty sewage situation, the effects are both immediate and potentially long-lasting. Dirty water from sewage systems poses a threat both to the structure and stiff inside, as well as to the health of those who inhabit the building because of bacteria. The longer the water remains and the more there is to repair, the more extensive and expensive the damage will be. Restoration Logistics has a staff that is experienced at the most effective techniques for sewage removal, meaning we can quickly clean and restore spaces all over Golden.

Experiencing a Sewage Situation? Act Fast

The very first thing you should do after discovering that your Golden area property is experiencing a sewage problem is call for help, as it is something that can get much worse if not attended to quickly. Because of the dirty and toxic nature of this kind of liquid, it is nothing that should be handled on your own, but the professionals at Restoration Logistics are well qualified to handle sewage cleanups. In our over 30 years in business in Golden, we have seen all kinds of situations and are prepared to tackle whatever is going on at your home or business, no matter how disgusting.

Doing Sewage Cleanup at Spaces in Golden

Upon arrival at the scene of a sewage backup, our team will assess the extent damage and formulate a sewage cleanup plan of attack. Any areas that have been affected are considered contaminated and unsafe, and we follow intensive safety protocols when working in these spaces. Besides removing the sewage, we also rid the air of any odors that may be lingering from the dirty water so that both the Golden establishment and its atmosphere are in the clear.

Checking Places for Mold After Sewage Spills

While a sewage spill is a nightmare problem just it terms of looks and smell, there are a lot of underlying factors to also be concerned about. Mold and mildew can start to form within just 12-24 hours of moisture being present, so properties that have been dealing with water damage for days need to be inspected for it. If its discovered, the experts on staff at Restoration Logistics can remove it, ridding the place of the unsightly growth and all its associated health concerns. Catching a mold problem early on can save you tons of money and your property in Golden from experiencing serious structural damage.

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