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Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup: Biohazard & Sewage Removal in Englewood, CO

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When the nightmare situation of a sewage spill happens at your property, call for help as soon as you can so a restoration company can come save your as much of your property and possessions as possible. The dirty, contaminated water from a building’s sewage system can ruin your stuff and destroy the surfaces in a structure, so there is a race against the clock when it comes to salvaging it. Restoration Logistics offers rapid responses in Englewood for sewage cleanup jobs because we understand that time is of the essence and you want a company that does quick work. To avoid mold and mildew and potentially dangerous bacterial growth, give our experienced sewage repair team a call at the first sign of an issue in Englewood.

Helping Our Englewood Clients Avoid Issues Through Sewage Removal

One of the first things to do if your home or business has been affected by a sewage issue is to call a professional restoration company for help because they are the only ones qualified to handle such a disgusting and dangerous situation. Here at Restoration Logistics, we have handled remediation work in Englewood for more than 30 years, so we know how to navigate sewage cleanup so that any potential problems are mitigated. Improper removal of sewage can create a huge health hazard for everyone in the building, along with destroying the structure itself if it sits too long.

Professional Cleanup Services for Sewage Spills

Our staff at Restoration Logistics prides themselves on providing a professional, productive customer service experience for those dealing with sewage. We know that discovering such a mess at your property is concerning and disruptive, so we work to get the situation cleaned up as quickly as possible. We show up within an hour of your call, and work until places in Englewood are considered completely in the clear. Our workmanship is backed by a five-year warranty, and our services are available in Englewood 24/7.

Statistics and Information About Sewage Water

Sewage is the fluids and solid matter in your pipes that include waste products and the water used to transport it through a structure. It includes the water used by toilets, showers, baths, kitchen sinks, laundry machines, and more, and statistics show that people use up to 80 gallons a day at their residences. Sewage cleanup is needed when there is an exposure from a pipe bursting, toilet backup, or other factors that release gross wastewater into a space in Englewood. The Environmental Protection Agency states that removal of sewage is necessary because it, “contains disease-causing pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, worms, and protozoa” resulting in things like, “stomach flu and upper respiratory infections to potentially life-threatening illnesses such as cholera, dysentery, Hepatitis B, and cryptosporidiosis.”

Call Us for Help with Sewage in Englewood

Contact Restoration Logistics of Englewood today. Speak with one of our specialists to make sure your property receives the sewage removal services needed to get back to good conditions.


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