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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration & Remediation in Englewood, CO

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Many people in Englewood don’t realize that flood damage is much more complicated than their belongings getting wet and simply drying out. It takes the assistance of a professional water damage restoration company taking extensive cleanup measures with heavy-duty equipment for your items to be salvaged and your property to be considered safe once again. Restoration Logistics has more than 30 years of experience completing water damage restorations at properties that have a moisture mess on hand, and we are here to help if your place in Englewood falls victim to flooding.

Identifying the Root of the Problem for Restoration

The first thing that needs to be done when you discover that your Englewood property has water pooled inside is identifying the source of the issue so that it can be stopped in its tracks. Appliances can be leaking and create a huge mess and a mold problem, or pipes may have a small fracture that is letting gallons of water escape. Water inside your Englewood property after a storm likely means you have a crack somewhere in your roof or your foundation. It is important to find out and fix what created the need for water damage repair in the first place, so it does not occur again.

Water Damage Remediation Services in Englewood

When you call Restoration logistics to come take care of your water damage repairs, you can have confidence that our staff will take complete care of your Englewood property. We know that serious moisture requires more intensive restoration work than just being dried out which is why we have a proven system of many steps to efficiently handle all of the water damage remediation jobs we complete. We aim to show up at Englewood properties within an hour of your call to start extracting water, removing damaged items and using high powered fans and dehumidifiers.

Checking for Mold in Water Damaged Properties

Even though Englewood has a relatively dry climate, there is still an opportunity for mold to grow, and the bacteria will flourish in a flooded space. Property owners often assume that water damage remediation just means drying out the space, but we take it a step further by investigating to see if mold is lurking. Our team examines all affected surfaces at Englewood properties that have sustained water damage to find out if the bacteria is present long before its visibly noticeable and causing negative consequences for the health of those in the building.

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Contact Restoration Logistics of Englewood today. Speak with one of our specialists to make sure your property receives the water damage repair work needed to restore the place to good conditions.


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