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Mold Removal Company: Mold Remediation & Cleanup in Denver, CO

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Mold can grow to produce an unhealthy environment if not properly addressed. It requires nutrients, moisture and appropriate temperatures to grow. Nutrients can come from a variety of sources within a structure such as: building materials, carpet, furniture, paper, dust and soil. Water or moisture can come from roof leaks, flooding and condensation. Temperatures for mold growth generally range from 77°F to 86°F, however, some types of mold can flourish in temperatures ranging from near freezing to 95°F.

Services for Any Area of Your Denver Home

The experts here at Restoration Logistics can identify the source(s) of moisture by keying in on the affected areas such as HVAC systems, bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces and dry-wall using state of the art thermal imaging equipment. Thermal imaging is a non-intrusive process that keeps surfaces from being damaged during the mold assessment process. This is not always the case when using conventional equipment. Often, standard equipment used in restoration and repair assessment, can inadvertently damage the hard surfaces in your home which we work efficiently and effectively to avoid.

Restoring the Health of You and Your Home

Restoration Logistics experts can remediate areas affected by mold, including HVAC systems and restore the areas while controlling costs. Not only is mold unhealthy for your home and health, but can also expand quickly if left untreated. Leaving you, and yours in a hazardous environment, that could potentially place your family in danger. That’s where we come in. We’ll get you taken care of fast, and efficiently, with our highly qualified technicians, and customer service experts as soon as you need it, and not a moment before. Don’t be caught in the chaos of disaster in your home. Contact Restoration Logistics right now to take care of the mold problem in your Denver home or business.

Over 3 Decades of Customer Satisfaction in Restoration and Repair in Denver

Restoration Logistics is here to help with all your mold removal and remediation concerns, and has the experience you expect for your home restoration project. Bringing you only the most premium in services to ensure customer appreciation. Backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all our services, and 24/7 expert assistance to get you going the very moment you need it. Our technicians are fast-acting, and can be on site in as little as an hour. Contact Restoration Logistics today, serving home-owners in the Metro-Denver area, and experience the difference, with award-winning service with a smile.

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